Zargon Dual Reverb

New LIMITED EDITION pedal by Wes, "My perfect reverb pedal"

Dual reverb // Unique artwork by Wes // Ships with a signed and numbered Certificate

  • Price $ 269.99


Introducing the Zargon, crafted with Wes Borland, an original pedal housing two independent reverb circuits for your distinctive sounds.

Each pedal ships with a numbered certificate signed by Wes.

This is the SECOND Wes Borland limited piece, following the long-sold out Baphomet.

One-of-a-kind pedal that brings you 2 badass reverb circuits, giving you the freedom to unleash your own unique sounds like a true sonic sorcerer.

Simultaneously control both circuits or unlock expanded and dynamic reverb effects with SPACE EXPANSION.

Zargon features never-before-seen artwork by Wes, making this a true collector's piece...that's built for studio and stage.

Get ready to elevate your sound with the Zargon, designed to embody Wes Borland's vision of the perfect reverb pedal.

For full rundown of controls and features, scroll down to the Controls & Specs section.

As always, each pedal is built to perfection in the EU with high-end audio components and guitar tested.

Explore the tone



This control determines the intensity or strength of the reverb effect. When turned clockwise, it increases the amount of reverb added to your guitar signal, giving it a more pronounced reverb sound. Conversely, turning it counterclockwise reduces the reverb level, providing a more subtle or dry tone. Find the sweet spot that complements your playing style and desired sound.


AMOUNT 2 is an identical set of another reverb section that can be activated by pressing the SPACE EXPANSION button or used in parallel with the first circuit. It gives you even more control over the intensity of the reverb effect and allows for expanded possibilities in shaping your desired sound.


The length control adjusts the duration or decay of the reverb effect. When turned clockwise, it increases the reverb's decay time, resulting in a longer and more spacious sound. This setting is perfect for creating atmospheric and ambient tones. On the other hand, turning it counterclockwise reduces the decay time, providing a shorter and tighter reverb effect that can add punch and definition to your sound.


Similar to AMOUNT 2, LENGTH 2 is another set of reverb section that can be activated through the SPACE EXPANSION button or used in parallel with the first circuit. It grants you additional control over the decay time of the reverb effect, allowing for further customization and sonic exploration.


The ambience control adjusts the pre-delay time of the reverb effect. By increasing it clockwise, you add a longer pre-delay, creating a sense of space and depth before the reverb effect kicks in. This setting can be used to emulate large concert halls or vast environments. Decreasing the ambience control counterclockwise reduces the pre-delay, resulting in a more immediate reverb response that can enhance the clarity and attack of your playing.


Similar to AMBIENCE 1, AMBIENCE 2 is another set of reverb section that can be activated via the SPACE EXPANSION button or used in parallel with the first circuit. It allows you to independently adjust the pre-delay time of the second reverb, giving you added flexibility to shape your desired ambience and create unique sonic landscapes.


The character control influences the tonal quality of the reverb effect. When rotated clockwise, it decreases the damping, adding brightness and openness to the reverb tone. This setting is ideal for achieving a lively and vibrant reverb sound. Conversely, turning it counterclockwise increases the damping, resulting in a darker and more subdued reverb that can create a sense of warmth and intimacy.


Similar to CHARACTER 1, CHARACTER 2 is another set of reverb section that can be activated using the SPACE EXPANSION button or used in parallel with the first circuit. It gives you the ability to independently shape the tonal character of the second reverb, allowing for greater tonal versatility and sonic experimentation.

BYPASS footswitch:

The BYPASS footswitch is a True Bypass switch. When pressed, it activates the pedal and engages the reverb effect. In True Bypass mode, when the pedal is turned off, your guitar signal passes through unaffected, ensuring a transparent and uncolored tone. This feature is particularly useful when you want to preserve the integrity of your original signal when the reverb effect is not needed.


The ZARGON pedal introduces a special feature called SPACE EXPANSION. This momentary footswitch button activates an additional identical Reverb circuit, allowing you to expand the reverb sound and create even more spacious and atmospheric tones. When the Space Expansion footswitch is engaged by holding it down, the second Reverb circuit adds an extra layer of depth and dimension to your sound. The effect naturally decays when you release your foot from the footswitch, providing a dynamic and expressive experience. With longer LENGTH 2 settings, it envelops your sound with mist-like reverberated background reflections, offering a wide sonic palette with endless creative possibilities. Experiment with this feature to add ethereal and ambient qualities to your playing.


The right side of the pedal features a toggle switch called "Space Expansion On/Off." This switch controls the activation of the special momentary function, SPACE EXPANSION, mentioned earlier. When set to "On," engaging the momentary footswitch activates the additional identical Reverb circuit for expanded reverb effects. When set to "Off," you have two identical Reverb circuits running in parallel. This allows you to utilize different settings for each Reverb circuit, creating unique and customizable reverb combinations. Feel free to experiment with different settings and toggle switch positions to explore a wide range of reverb possibilities.

How to use your Zargon

To use the ZARGON pedal, follow these steps:

a) Connect your guitar to the input jack of the pedal using a standard 1/4" instrument cable.

b) Connect the output jack of the pedal to your amplifier, mixer, or recording device using another 1/4" instrument cable.

c) Ensure that the power supply is connected to the pedal using the 9V DC center negative power adapter or fresh 9V battery.


a) Start with all controls set to their minimum positions (fully counterclockwise).

b) Gradually increase the amount control to add reverb to your sound. Adjust it according to your preference and the desired effect.

c) Use the length control to determine how long the reverb effect will last. Experiment with different settings to find the ideal decay time for your sound.

d) The ambience control allows you to set the pre-delay time of the reverb effect. Adjust it to achieve the desired sense of space or immediacy.

e) The character control lets you shape the tonal characteristics of the reverb. Experiment with different damping settings to find the right balance for your sound.

f) To bypass the reverb effect, press the bypass switch located on the left side of the pedal. This allows you to toggle the reverb on and off as desired.

Tips and Recommendations:

a) Start with conservative settings and gradually make adjustments to find your desired reverb sound.

b) Experiment with different combinations of the controls to achieve unique reverb effects.

c) Consider the musical context and genre you are playing in. Different reverb settings work better for certain styles of music.

d) Pay attention to the mix between your dry signal and the reverb effect. Adjust the amount control to find the right balance that complements your playing. 

e) Utilize the SPACE EXPANSION momentary Space Expansion button that can be used to engage additional reverb, allowing for expanded and immersive reverb effects. 

To deactivate this function, simply toggle the switch located above the button.

With the Space Expansion button deactivated, the pedal functions as two reverbs operating in parallel, allowing for the creation of rich and layered reverb textures.


NOTE: The reverb pedal features an internal KILL DRY switch, which, when it is switched UP, completely cuts off the direct signal and only allows the processed reverb signal to pass through. This can be particularly useful when utilizing the pedal in the parallel FX loop of a guitar amp, where you may want to apply the reverb effect exclusively to the wet signal, preserving the dry signal's original tone. 

This can be also useful in certain scenarios where you want to create a fully wet reverb sound without any dry signal mixed in.

Zargon POWER

The pedal can be powered by an external DC power supply or 9V battery. Use a stabilized DC power supply  with 2.1mm barrel connector and negative center. 

Use 9, maximum 10V power source. 

To preserve battery life when the ZARGON pedal is not in use, it is recommended to unplug the instrument cable from the input jack. This ensures that the pedal is completely disconnected from the power source, minimizing battery drain. Alternatively, you can also use an external power adapter to power the pedal instead of relying on batteries.