Limited Edition Baphomet Dual Delay

My first-ever signature pedal is a dual delay with two independent circuits. Spacey, versatile, and stacks excellently with other pedals for endless unique sounds.
Pedal artwork created by yours truly for this limited launch edition of 250 pieces only.

  • Price $ 269.99

Explore the tone

I've always wanted a truly spacey pedal that would do the job of 2 delays...and more.

The Baphomet pedal has two independent delay circuits and you can use other effects in between them for an infinite range of your own unique sounds.

The delay circuits behave like classic tape echo units.

I love that each circuit can be set and bypassed separately which means you can get really creative with them: for example, set one for short slap-back delay and the other for longer delays.

Since each side has its own input and output, you can use other pedals between the two delays: for example, set one in front of and the other after an overdrive. It can also be used before or after your distortion. 

The Baphomet pedal is built for creatives who love to experiment with tone. Use it and make something new!

Limited Edition with my artwork / 250 pcs only / Shipping soon